Siemens Named IEC Official Partner


Siemens Named Independent Electrical Contractors Official Partner

Newly named IEC’s “Official Partner for Electrical Contractors, Home Builders and Owners,” Siemens proudly provides electrical contractors with revolutionary solutions that help them save time and money by focusing on their voice and why they choose Siemens.  We bring the product closer to customers with intuitive designs and creative solutions across the product portfolio. Siemens is focused on the best interests of our end users and relies heavily on their feedback.  Our core topics for the contractors focus on:

  • Pre-Construction / Design
  • Product Portfolio and Integrated Solutions
  • Reliability and Resiliency
  • Safety and Training


Pre-Construction / Design

For example, our Power Mod metering and feeder busway systems for multi-family metering feature an integrated joint mount connection, Power Take Off (PTO). This prevents users from requiring a bus plug to connect to a multi-metering solution for low-, mid-, and high-rise applications requiring busduct. One of our contractor’s savings at 800A is about $3,500 per electrical room.

Contractors rave about Joint Mounted Tapbox with Busway. Siemens does not require a bus plus and can simply connect lugs to a panelboard, or switchboard in any electrical room if it is within NEC requirements. This gives the contractor an easier installation and reduces overall cost while always using feeder busway. Calculated savings average 15% per floor -- equal to about $2,000 per bus plug.


Product Portfolio and Integrated Solutions

Siemens supplied Power Distribution equipment has to be installed at site. Electrical contractors often maintain a team for installation and commissioning that does a great job with small to medium size projects. For the more complex projects like high-rise and infrastructure, Siemens can complement the contractor teams for installation, start-up, and commissioning. We have a dedicated team of trained experts spread across the country, providing a quick response. We have honed our model to finish jobs in quick time based on learnings from the multitude of sites commissioned successfully over the years. The teams are backed by experts in our design and manufacturing teams for those once-in-a-lifetime (unique) complexities that might pop up. We got you covered to commission your projects in time.


Reliability and Resiliency

 With rapidly growing multi-family and single-family residential markets, now more than ever it is important to build out a job quickly and correctly. Siemens Power Mod metering solutions and Plug-On-Neutral (PON) load centers are best-in-class and simple-to-install with faster installation times in the market. Siemens Power Mod metering solutions include five QuickSystem features that encompass every step of installation from mounting to the wall to plugging in the tenet breaker 43% faster than alternate brands. Siemens PON load centers offer quicker breaker installation, over 4-inches of wire bending space and neutral terminal accessibility, resulting in approximately 60 minutes’ faster installation time compared to alternate brands.  


Safety and Training

Workforce development is a hot topic in the construction and electrical distribution industries. With a shortage of qualified electricians and retirement looming for many in this field, it is now time for the electrical construction industry to begin the search for new talent. Siemens sees this opportunity as a reason to be proactive and stay ahead of the game when it comes to developing the workforce – that is why we’ve created SIschool. SIschool is a learning and education program that partners with trade organizations, technical schools, community colleges, wholesale distribution, and electrical contracting firms. SIschool currently has over 30 partners in 25 states. The goal of SIschool is to expose students, apprentices, and instructors to electrical distribution equipment in the early stages of their careers. By getting hands-on practice of Siemens equipment and learning the “WHY” behind the solutions, users will be better skilled, more valuable to their employer and, most importantly, users will be safer in their field of work. 

Siemens also offers Siemens University. Siemens University can significantly cut your training in half.  With the average annual cost to train an employee at around $5,000, this digital platform will provide a cost benefit to the organization on Day 1. Since its inception of Siemens University, on September 1, 2020, we have had over 10,000 enrollments with a completion rate of 84%. The average enrollments per user is eight – well above national averages. These trainings are customizable, tracked, and graded so that you know how you and/or your employees are performing. We offer 350+ trainings in electrical power distribution to satisfy any market segment or application.

With more and more digital natives entering the trades, Siemens has designed a training platform centered around virtual reality technology. These VR experiences will allow the user to assemble, install, and learn about Siemens solutions anywhere and at any time. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then VR is worth a million as experiential learning practices allow for hands-on training without the fear of failure or consequence.

“We’re proud that our training programs and VR technology are helping move the contractor industry forward by making electrical equipment safer and more efficient, but we also know we want to lead the way in preparing students for jobs in this evolving landscape,” said Barry Powell, Siemens President, Electrical Products Business Unit at Siemens Smart Infrastructure USA.


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