History of IEC

Founded in 1957 as the Associated Independent Electrical Contractors of America, the primary goal of the original association was to consider and deal with, by all lawful means, common problems of management, distribution, employment, and financial functions of the electrical construction industry; to foster cooperation in advancing the common purposes of its members; and to promote activities that enabled the industry to advance with the greatest economy and efficiency.

The association's first offices were located in Texas, and in 1962, IEC was granted a certificate of incorporation. IEC convinced the U.S. Department of Labor to adopt national pattern standards of Apprenticeship and Training, and for the first time, registered apprenticeship was recognized across the country for those adopting the "Open Shop" or “Merit Shop” philosophy.

IEC has now grown into an influential 52-chapter association representing more than 3,600 company members and nearly 80,000 electrical workers. IEC has expanded its alliance to include nearly 17,000 apprentices who are in the process of learning to become prominent and productive electricians.

The association will continue to expand its services to members and serve as a strong voice for independent electrical and systems contractors on the many issues that affect the industry.