Operation Graduation 2023

2023 Recap

Congratulations are in order for the numerous chapters that hosted graduation ceremonies for the dedicated apprentices of the IEC Apprenticeship Program in 2023! We enjoyed celebrating your hard work, accomplishments, and bright futures ahead in the industry. 

The class of 2023 graduates has seamlessly transitioned into the workforce, equipped with invaluable training and without the burden of post-secondary education debt. Their journey stands as a testament to meticulous preparation for the future. Check out the participating chapters in this year's Operation Graduation below.

Operation Graduation, a remarkable initiative that followed the footsteps of the 2023 IEC President, Cecil Leedy, alongside other distinguished IEC representatives, took them on a nationwide journey to several graduation ceremonies. 

Many of these exceptional graduates will take the stage at the prestigious SPARK: Evolve. Empower. Energize's National Apprentice of the Year (AOY) Competition, is scheduled to take place in Dallas this October. For more information about the competition, visit ieci.org/apprenticeship/aoy

Congratulations to all!