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The IEC A&T Committee maintains IEC’s National Standards of Apprenticeship, the apprentice training curriculum, and technical training for other field workers in accordance with its own committee bylaws. The committee also contributes to outreach to potential apprentices. The A&T Committee may include one or more subcommittees. Familiarity with IEC’s apprenticeship training programs is preferred. 

2021 IEC A&T Committee Members 

Dave Gilson, Chair                                Tera-Byte Technologies, Inc.
Blake Behr, Co-Chair                            Ridgeline Electrical Industries, Inc.
Jake Jackson, Co-Chair                      Juniper Mountain Electric
Paul Dolenc, Staff Liaison                   IEC Nationa

Michael Brooks  
Mike Gunter   IEC Atlanta Chapter
Kathy Gurba IEC Southern Colorado Chapter
Matt Hittinger  IEC of Greater Cincinnati Chapter
Steve Humphrey, Jr. Humphrey & Associates, Inc.
Robert LowryIEC-OKC
Jerald Nichols Amber Electric
Tom Seater   Diener Electric
Raul Vasquez   IEC San Antonio Chapter
Dale WeisIEC Southern Colorado Chapter


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Contact the national staff member below for any questions regarding A&T Committee.
Paul Dolenc, VP of Education & Training, IEC