New Worker Program

IEC’s New Worker program consists of 16 modules and is intended to prepare an apprentice for his or her first day on the job site. It is designed as a precursor—but it is not a prerequisite—to IEC’s four-year apprentice program.

Each module ranges from two to three hours in length and is focused on interactive learning. Module lessons include a short lecture accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, and group and hands-on activities. The program is delivered digitally via IEC’s Content Management System (CMS) and students will receive a completion certificate for each module.

IEC’s New Worker Modules* include:
  1. Orientation and Introduction into your Electrical Career
  2. Tool Safety
  3. Hand Tools Identification and Usage
  4. Material ID – Boxes and Enclosures Identification and Installation
  5. Safety – Lift Awareness and Fall Safety
  6. Devices Identification and Installation
  7. Material Identification – Fittings and Conduit ID
  8. Material Identification – Fasteners, Supports and Fittings Identification
  9. Safety – PPE Power Tools Identification and Usage
  10. Power Tools Identification and Usage
  11. Wire Prep, Identification and Installation
  12. Measuring Tools
  13. Introduction to Conduit Bending
  14. Basic Electrical Safety
  15. Ladder Safety
  16. Soft Skills

*Check with your local chapter for availability.