Heavy Equipment Safety

Safety Guidelines for Heavy Equipment Operation

Heavy equipment poses significant risks on construction sites, with over 100 fatalities annually attributed to accidents involving mobile heavy machinery. These incidents underscore the critical need for comprehensive safety protocols to protect workers and prevent tragic outcomes.

Main Causes of Accidents:

  1. Struck by Equipment: Workers on foot are often struck by heavy equipment, particularly when it's backing up or changing direction.
  2. Rollovers: Operators can be killed if equipment rolls over, especially on slopes or during loading/unloading from trucks.
  3. Run Over or Caught in Equipment: Operators or mechanics may be run over or caught in equipment due to inadequate safety measures such as brake setting, gear engagement, and lack of wheel chocks or lockout procedures.
  4. Crushing Hazards: Workers on foot or in trenches are at risk of being crushed by falling equipment loads or moving parts.

General Safety Tips:

  • Keep steps and walking surfaces clear of hazards like mud, snow, grease, and fluids.
  • Use hand and step holds when climbing on or off equipment.
  • Avoid carrying materials or tools while climbing.
  • Wear appropriate footwear for enhanced grip and stability.


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