The IEC Emerging Leaders Program

The IEC Emerging Leaders Program is a six-month leadership development experience for professionals in the electrical and systems contracting industry. Each year, six to ten individuals are selected to form a cohort class that participates in skills development workshops, networking opportunities, leadership exercises, and project development experiences.

Is the Program for You?

Being an “emerging leader” has nothing to do with age or job title. You may be an emerging leader without even knowing it, missing out on opportunities to fully liberate the leader within you. If you have the desire to develop important leadership skills and advance in your career, the IEC Emerging Leaders Program is for you!

Application Process

Applications for the 2022 IEC Emerging Leaders Program will be due in Fall 2021.

IEC Emerging Leaders Timeline

The 2021 timeline provides an overview of the program. The 2022 timeline will be updated and amended based on the inaugural cohort’s experience.

Interested in Mentoring Emerging Leaders?

You have the opportunity to impact the life and career of a future leader in the electrical industry by serving as a mentor in the IEC Emerging Leaders program.

If you feel called to guide the next generation of professionals in our industry, we need you!

Along with a desire to provide hope and direction to a future leader, you should be an established business leader with 8+ years of industry experience, connections, and relationships. Experience leading others and developing diverse teams is important, as is active engagement with IEC.

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The 2021 IEC Inaugural Cohort

Annette Gauna
IEC Rocky Mountain

Justin Hiatt
Eckstine Electric Company
IEC Rocky Mountain

Jason Jones
The Lighting Group
IEC Rocky Mountain

Trenten Quinn
Bret’s Electric
IEC Rocky Mountain

Kyle Reding
Central Electric
IEC San Antonio

Garrett Taylor
X3 Tradesmen, Inc.
IEC Rocky Mountain

Jonnie Vallar
IEC Fort Worth & Tarrant County


Contact the national staff member below for any questions regarding the IEC Emerging Leaders program.