U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship, and State Apprenticeship Agencies 

Apprenticeship programs conducted by IEC chapters are subject to the provisions of the National Apprenticeship Act (Fitzgerald Act) and resulting regulation enacted by the DOL and the various state apprenticeship agencies. IEC works with the Office of Apprenticeship and state agencies on behalf of the industry to ensure apprenticeship rules and standards apply fairly to merit-shop contractors.

Federal Laws and Regulations Impacting Apprenticeship Include:

  • The National Apprenticeship Act (the Fitzgerald Act)
  • Title 29, Part 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations
  • Title 29, Part 30 of the Code of Federal Regulations

IEC has been actively engaged in apprenticeship matters for many years and, in 1972, worked with DOL’s Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (now Office of Apprenticeship) to establish national guideline standards for apprenticeship. Since that time, IEC has been recognized as a fixture within the registered apprenticeship community.

An indication of IEC’s commitment to the registered apprenticeship system is the appointment of an IEC staff member to serve on the Secretary of Labor’s Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship (ACA). The role of the ACA is to advise the Secretary of Labor on critical matters related to the National Registered Apprenticeship System. Currently, IEC staff serves as the vice-chair of the committee. 

At the same time, both Congress and the current Administration are taking a greater interest in apprenticeship as a path to a meaningful, well-paying career. In order to address our nation’s growing skills gap, IEC believes it is integral to support the expansion of apprenticeship which is critical to skilled trades such as electrical contracting.    

Employee Benefit Security Administration (EBSA)

The Employee Benefit Security Administration (EBSA) is responsible for monitoring compliance with the requirements of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). EBSA randomly audits apprenticeship programs to determine their compliance with ERISA requirements. However, IEC believes most IEC chapters are not subject to ERISA requirements since they are not financed out of trust funds, and IEC continues to work with DOL to educate their staff about IEC.

If your chapter has been contacted by the EBSA regarding erroneous compliance with ERISA, please contact IEC Government Affairs.


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