IEC Instructor Training and Certification Program

The IEC Instructor Training and Certification Program is tailored to provide technically qualified electricians and subject matter experts with the basic knowledge they need to succeed as apprenticeship instructors, focusing on adult style learning and instruction. This program provides an IEC instructor the education philosophy needed to instruct their apprentice, while sharing their knowledge of the electrical industry. These interactive online courses include easily accessible targeted modules, an interactive user interface, and reading assignments.

"This training made me realize that I am not the only instructor that encounters difficulties in the classroom. It has given me more confidence with making decisions and instructing students with different levels of ability."
- Paul Miller, Instructor, IEC Rocky Mountain

The IEC Instructor Training and Certification Program is an exciting initiative that represents IEC's continuing commitment to providing the highest quality training for our members and apprentices.

The Program

Those who successfully complete the required training, provide evidence of required levels of field and classroom experience, and demonstrate competency in specified areas will be designated as certified IEC Instructors. 

This program addresses the U.S. Department of Labor rule which requires instructors to be trained on how to teach adult learners through various styles and methods. 

The three-level program is designed to maximize each instructor’s growth by building on the skills taught in the previous lessons. All instructors must have at least a year of teaching between each level. To become an IEC apprenticeship instructor, training must be completed sequentially. 

*All applications must be completed and signed by the instructor’s Chapter Executive Director or Training Director prior to registering.

Level I

Level I introduces IEC’s philosophy, apprenticeship program, curriculum resources, and instructional methods through video and interactive activities. The instructor must have a year of teaching after completing Level I before moving on to the Level II course.

Level II

Level II provides instructors with hands-on training in developing and implementing a lesson plan with guidance and input from IEC teaching professionals. Upon completion of the Level II modules, an endorsement in one or more specific courses must be administered. The instructor’s endorsement(s) must be identified on the application in order to provide him or her with the correct written exam. The purpose of the endorsement exam is to test instructors’ knowledge in the area(s) in which they teach. This exam will be administered online through the CMS system.

Level III (Master Instructor)

Level III (Master Instructor) involves the instructors mentoring other instructors. Level III provides excellent hands-on experience, along with valuable feedback from colleagues and mentees.