Interested in Being an IEC Instructor?

Thank you for your interest in becoming an IEC instructor, a valued part of the electrical systems contracting and low voltage industry. Please see the basic role description and requirements to become an IEC Apprenticeship Technical Instructor or Continuing Education Instructor. 

 Apprenticeship Technical Instructor

An IEC Apprenticeship Technical Instructor has primary responsibilities for delivering the IEC apprenticeship training curriculum to students enrolled in the program. The instructor provides technical support, supervision, oversight, and direction to assist in the learning process using a combination of training methods that motivate student learning.

Continuing Education Instructor

An IEC Continuing Education Instructor shall be an expert in the subject matter.  Some states may require certain qualifications, which may include proof of skills, certifications, and experience in order to teach continuing education.  An instructor must be able to use a computer and be familiar with various software, including Microsoft Office Suite, among others. He or she must have strong communication skills and be able to interact with participants in a classroom or large facility.


Essential Skills, Education, and Experience:

  • Five (5) years of experience actively performing work on electrical systems in the construction, repair, or design as they pertain to the residential, commercial, or industrial industry.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the National Electrical Code®.
  • Teaching experience preferred, but not required upon demonstrating adequate teaching skills.

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