Metal Theft

Metal theft has been on a steady rise in the United States, increasing by 36% since 2010. Copper wiring used by the electrical industry is one of the more commonly stolen items – 96% of all claims filed for metal theft since 2010 have been for copper materials. Many IEC members have been the victims of metal theft, either at their business location or at the site of a construction project. 

Most states have enacted laws specifically addressing metal theft, but it is important that federal law and the federal government complement the efforts of state and local authorities. The “Metal Theft Prevention Act” (S. 394) was introduced in the 113th Congress, which establishes federal criminal provision for the stealing of metal from critical infrastructure. It further requires recyclers to keep basic records of purchases and prohibits cash payments over $100 for resold metal. Importantly, the bill does not preempt applicable state or local laws. A stand-alone bill was not introduced during the 114th Congress.

IEC supports proposals that protect construction business from loss and critical infrastructure from damaging theft.

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