Professional Electricians Program

The Professional Electricians Program (PEP) consists of nine of the 15 proposed ESTS courses. PEP is an ideal choice for those who have an abundant amount of electrical experience but lack formal in-class training. With PEP, IEC aims to provide an alternative path for those with electrical experience to gain classroom knowledge without having to complete the entire four-year Electrical Apprenticeship Program.

Each of the PEP courses will be accompanied by an accelerated textbook and taught by an industry expert. The pace of these courses will be much faster than that of the IEC Apprentice Program based on the experience of the students.

Currently, the approved PEP courses are:

  • Electrical Theory Levels 100 and 200 (TH100 and 200)
  • Electrical Code Levels 100, 200, and 300 (CD100, CD200 and CD300)
  • Motor Control Level 100 and 200 (MC100 and MC200)
  • Blueprint Level 100 (BP100)
  • Leadership Level 100 (LD100)