IEC Focus Four Hazards

Do you know how to prevent the “Focus Four Hazards” in your workplace? Falls, Struck-by, Electrocutions, and Caught Between account for 60% of construction fatalities. In 2023, IEC will renew its commitment to helping members, their employees, and their businesses stay healthy and safe by providing members with resources from reputable public sources and IEC safety leaders. IEC strives to make these accident prevention resources more accessible to members and stress the importance of implementing a safety focus within their organizations.


Focus Four Hazards

The four leading causes of construction site deaths are: 
Struck-by object

January focuses on STRUCK-BY. Struck-by incidents are a leading cause of death among construction workers and the leading cause of nonfatal injuries in the construction industry. CPWR has created resources to increase awareness of struck-by hazards and ways to prevent struck-by incidents.

Types of “struck-by object” accidents include:

  • Struck-by powered non-transport vehicle.
  • Struck-by falling object or equipment, oftentimes while being hoisted or lowered.
  • Struck-by discharged or flying object.

Employers are routinely cited for failing to adequately secure and guard heavy machinery that is common to construction sites.

The NORA Construction Sector Council National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) Construction Sector Council (Sector Council) is undertaking a number of initiatives to increase awareness and prevention of struck-by hazards, including developing infographics like these.

NORA also is launching a National Stand-Down to Prevent Struck-by Incidents (April 17-21, 2023). Additional information on how to prevent struck-by incidents is available on The Center for The Construction Research and Training (CPWR).