Training Advantage

The IEC Training Advantage teaches electricians not only know how to perform the duties of their chosen profession but why the work is necessary.

IEC provides you a Training Advantage in your electrical and continuing education training.

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The IEC's comprehensive training programs cater to diverse aspects of the electrical industry, ensuring members are equipped with the knowledge and skills required for excellence. The National Fire Alarm Course, led by Instructor Merton Bunker, offers a 12-week program providing 48 hours of training weekly on the IEC national CMS system. This includes live classes, interactive sessions, readings, homework, and labs, preparing students for the NICET exam. The EV Charging Program, a 24-hour certification course delivered on the CMS, consists of six 4-hour lessons and a certification exam, enabling members to excel in the electric vehicle charging station industry. Additionally, the Foundations of Project Management for the Electrical Trade provides in-person training over three days, covering the Project Life Cycle's major divisions. To delve deeper into these programs, individuals are encouraged to contact their local IEC chapter for more information and enrollment details.