Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA operates under a broad range of federal statutes, authorizing them to be involved in a variety of issues, including energy codes for residential and commercial buildings, lead paint hazard exposure, and toxic chemical substance handling.

IEC is regularly engaged with the EPA to address any issues impacting the industry, most recently on the agency’s attempt to expand provisions of a 2008 rule governing lead-based paint exposure in residential buildings to commercial and public buildings. The initial rule had a major impact on contractors renovating older homes that used lead-based paint. IEC alerted our chapters on the need for training and certification, and now is vehemently advocating against the expansion of the scope of this regulation. The EPA has yet to define what actually constitutes a “dangerous level of lead” as it applies to public and commercial facilities, which is required of the agency under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Not to mention, there are already other regulations in place (i.e. OSHA’s Lead in Construction Standard) that govern exposures to hazards. EPA’s proposal has the potential to create huge problems for the construction industry.


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