Platinum Partner: Siemens

Siemens offers an innovative portfolio for low-voltage power distribution equipment helping you stay competitive in the residential market. Siemens accomplishes this by offering consistent, safe, and intelligent equipment.  You may ask “Why Siemens?” Through thoughtful engineering and design, coupled with voice of the customer feedback, Siemens gives you the reliability and safety you need while helping you reduce your costs and time.

About Company Brief: 

Employees: 40,000 

Locations: 18 States

Revenue: $17 Billion 


Siemens Plug-on Neutral Load Center and electronic circuit breakers feature an integrated neutral bus and provide a secure and reliable connection for your customer's indoor or outdoor application.

Simple. Spacious. Secure.  Watch our video on the Plug-on Neutral Load Center and learn how to save labor costs and reduce installation.

Ask for a VR headset to see a virtual training concept to engineering experience. Our VR platform teaches how to outfit a power panel solution with various types of breakers helping you prevent engineering errors in a safety-controlled environment.