WFDP Conference Keynote Speaker

Nathan Gonzales

 Editor & Publisher of Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales and Election Analyst for CQ Roll Call

Insight into the Current Political Landscape 

Nathan Gonzales offers audiences an incredibly detailed, highly-nuanced analysis of the current condition of electoral politics, covering presidential politics and the House, Senate, and gubernatorial campaigns. He has covered Washington for 15 years and takes a non-partisan approach to election forecasting. Gonzales’ aim is to describe what is happening on the ground in order to project the results, and he uses entertaining and easy-to-understand stories and analogies to enliven his analysis. His recall of facts and figures is incredible, and he is natural, energetic, and engaging on stage. Each election cycle, he interviews nearly all the candidates personally, and using poll numbers, economic data, historical information, trends, demographics, and more, he analyzes the current environment and shares what you need to know about the races you didn’t even know about. Nathan Gonzales is a must-see analyst for those looking to genuinely understand upcoming elections. 


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