Workforce Development & Policy Conference Sessions

Washington D.C.

June 20-22, 2023

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Speaker & Session Description

The Workforce System: What to Know and How to Engage  
  • Kyle Marinelli*, Associate Director of Government Relations & Policy, National Association of Workforce Boards
  • National Association of State Workforce Agencies*

Experts from the workforce system will provide insight into its policy focus on Capitol Hill as well as insight into how attendees may can engage in their state and local workforce systems to include their local workforce boards.   

How to Benefit from Career & Technical Education Programs in your State   
  • Zach Curtis*, Manager of Government Relations, Association for Career and Technical Education®

Learn first-hand from professionals within the Career and Technical Education field on legislation impacting CTE and identify strategies to connect CTE with your apprenticeship programs. 

Insight into the Current Political Landscape  
  • Nathan Gonzales, Editor & Publisher of Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales and Election Analyst for CQ Roll Call

Nathan Gonzales offers audiences an incredibly detailed, highly-nuanced analysis of the current condition of electoral politics, covering presidential politics and the House, Senate, and gubernatorial campaigns. He has covered Washington for 15 years, and takes a non-partisan approach to election forecasting. Gonzales’ aim is to describe what is happening on the ground in order to project the results, and he uses entertaining and easy-to-understand stories and analogies to enliven his analysis. His recall of facts and figures is incredible, and he is natural, energetic, and engaging on stage. Each election cycle, he interviews nearly all the candidates personally, and using poll numbers, economic data, historical information, trends, demographics, and more, he analyzes the current environment and shares what you need to know about the races you didn’t even know about. Nathan Gonzales is a must-see analyst for those looking to genuinely understand upcoming elections. 

Workforce Recruitment: Best Practices Discussion  
  • Marilyn Stansbury, IEC Rocky Mountain
  • Julie Tucker, IEC San Antonio
  • Kelly Hewitt, IEC Greater St. Louis

Hear from a panel of IEC executive directors as they testify to their experiences in recruiting individuals to the electrical industry. Panelists will discuss their experience with both public and private outreach and resources as well as insight into recruitment strategies that have proved to be successful and those that were not. 

Construction Industry Outlook and Workforce Trends   
  • Ken Simonson, Chief Economist, Associated General Contractors of America

The chief economist for the Associated General Contractors of America will discuss the current state of the construction industry with a focus on workforce issues, materials costs, recent demand trends, and expectations for the near future and beyond. 

OSHA Overview and Update  
  • Mandy Edens*, Deputy Assistant Secretary, OSHA

Attendees will hear from a Biden administration official on OSHA’s approach to safety and health as it relates to the construction industry and new policy proposals in development.    

Issue Overview and Lobbying Discussion  
  • Jason Todd, VP Government Affairs, IEC National

To prepare attendees for their visits on Capitol Hill, IEC staff will provide best practices and strategies as well as an in-depth analysis on the specific issues to discuss with your members of Congress and their staff. 

*Speaker has been invited to WFD & Policy Conference