Business Summit 2024 Sessions

Charlotte, North Carolina

January 28 -  31, 2024

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Monday, January 29

Steve Fredlund

The Safari Way

Opening Keynote: The Safari Way to Greater Happiness

Is it possible to be successful and still be happy? Or do we have to choose? Is there a way to have both? Through his career experience and research, Steve “The Safari Dude” Fredlund has uncovered the “Big 5” drivers of success and happiness - and they are the same factors that make an African safari incredible. Join Steve on this epic adventure to approach life, work and leadership The Safari Way.

After this talk, the audience will:

  • Understand how external pressures impact our decisions
  • Greater empowerment to pursue the experience we truly want
  • Five practical ways to become happier in every area of our life

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Dr. Heather Moore

MCA Inc. 

Co-presenters: Dr. Perry Daneshgari, Phil Nimmo

Detect and React to Job Site and Schedule Changes Early to Minimize the Impact on your Project Results

During this session we will focus on planning, scheduling, and tracking installation work, as well as the tools needed to ensure an accurate look into companywide pipeline and backlog management, resource planning, material logistics, and supply chain management, and project financial management. We will introduce the latest tools and technology to allow you and your employees to plan for and achieve high performance results, with a consistency, predictability and a strong sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

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Phillip Russell


Avoiding or Minimizing OSHA Citations and Compliance

This presentation will cover OSHA inspections and avoiding or minimizing citations, OSHA Updates including the latest industry enforcement data, walkaround rule, the proposed heat illness rule as well as updates on employment and labor laws.

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Julie Keyes

KeyeStrategies, LLC

Co-presenters: Jesse Abercrombie, Bobby and Diana Tutor

Panel: Exit Planning and Testimonials

Well known and respected members of IEC, Bobby Tutor and his wife, Diana will participate in a panel discussion alongside two of their advisers, Certified Exit Planner, Julie Keyes and Edward Jones Financial Adviser, Jesse Abercrombie, to discuss what they've learned during the process of preparing for a future sale of the business. This session is meant to provide a real life example to IEC members of what the exit planning process is like and who's involved. We'll take an inside look at how the process has impacted their business and their future plans, and what has surprised them along the way. While the Tutor's are years away from a full exit out of the business, they're wisely preparing themselves and their business just in case something happens or opportunity knocks!

Steve Fredlund

The Safari Way 

The Safari Way: Roaring Success with the Right Peeps in the Jeep - Education Session

It is so frustrating to have high potential team members who aren’t as productive as they could be. They have the skills, knowledge and abilities to make a huge impact but are disengaged and don’t stick around. The problem is not their potential, it is converting that potential to actual contribution. How can we add team members who will have the impact they are capable of? As an award winning actuary, Steve Fredlund analyzed data on more than 150,000 global employees, uncovering the core drivers of productivity, engagement and retention. In this session, he will teach you how to enhance hiring to build a more productive team. Known as “The Safari Dude”, Steve calls this “getting the right peeps in our jeep” and it is one of the “Big 5” in his breakthrough approach to live, work and lead The Safari Way.

After this talk, the audience will:

  • Understand the difference between hiring for potential and hiring for actual contribution
  • Recognize alignment and connection as key drivers of productivity, engagement and retention
  • Be equipped to take tangible next steps to build a more productive team

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Tuesday, January 30

Seth Anderson

Weifield Group

Revolutionizing Electrical Construction: The Role of AI and Robots in Shaping the Future

Join Seth where he explores the cutting-edge integration of artificial intelligence and robotics in the electrical industry. From streamlined project management to enhanced safety measures, this presentation unveils the ways AI is reshaping the landscape of construction. Gain insights into the latest technological advancements, real-world applications, and the pivotal role AI and robots play in shaping a more efficient, sustainable, and innovative future for electrical construction.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the forefront of industry evolution with Seth as your guide.

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Michael Sauer, B.S.E.E.; JD; PFP; CVGA; CExP


Business Owner Interactive Workshop: The 8 Factors That Increase/Decrease a Business' Valuation & Marketing Best Practices

At some point in the future (1-year, 5 years, 20+ years from now) every business will be sold, so how should you be running and marketing your business today to make sure that you can sell it for the highest amount in the future? Business owners who are interested in investing in their future, want customized tangible actionable items they can begin working on today, and want to get the highest sale price for their business whenever they decide to sell it need to attend this interactive workshop.

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Michael Evans

Milwaukee Tool

Your Organizational Culture: Impact to People and Results (Working Session)

A great culture allows your organization to grow and take on new opportunity. The organizational culture you create is the very thing that allows you to attract, develop, and retain the best people while driving increased growth. In this working session, we will uncover the elements of your organizational culture that have positive and negative impacts on your people. We will identify ways to cultivate your organizational culture to one that fosters the ability to effectively serve your people while positioning your business for sustainable growth.

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Bryan P Holland, MCP, CStd

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)

The New Era of Energy and Electrification 

This session will provide a comprehensive review of the opportunities and challenges associated with the new era of energy and electrification through the entire fire and life safety ecosystem. The benefits and hazards of integrating emerging technologies into existing energy infrastructure will be explored along with the best practices for mitigating the risk of shock, electrocution, fire, and arc-flash. The session will offer guidance information on how to balance the tension between safety, resilience, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability as the energy transition impacts persons and property in the built environment. Additional consideration for natural and human-made disasters as the world trends towards a more urbanized society will also be discussed. Each topic of the session will be aligned with a case study analysis.

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Michelle Beckert

Power Design Inc.

Co-presenter: Katie Leonard 

The Long and Short View: How Trade Advocacy Can Build Your Bench

Join us for an insightful session on “The Long and Short View: How Trade Advocacy Can Build your Bench”. This session will explore how trade advocacy can be a powerful tool in addressing labor shortages, a pressing issue faced by many construction firms today. In this session we will discuss the role of trade advocacy in influencing the labor base, promoting worker mobility, and fostering growth. They will share case studies where trade advocacy has been successfully used to address labor shortages and stimulate economic growth. The session will also delve into practical strategies for leveraging trade advocacy. Attendees will learn how to engage with labor streams, build connections, and effectively recruit top future talent. This session is ideal for business leaders, policymakers, and anyone interested in the intersection of trade, labor, and policy. Whether you’re grappling with labor shortages in your own organization or interested in broader labor market trends, this session will provide valuable insights and strategies. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how trade advocacy can help address labor shortages and contribute to a robust and dynamic labor market.

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Nick Wright and David Quatela 


Revolutionizing Electrical Education: Harnessing Digital Assets and XR in the Classroom

Join David Quatela from Siemens and Nick Wright from BILT for an enlightening education session where they delve into the cutting-edge integration of digital assets and Extended Reality (XR) to transform the learning experience for the electrical trades. Discover how incorporating immersive technologies can enhance engagement, comprehension, and retention among students. Explore the potential of digital assets such as interactive simulations, virtual labs, and 3D models that bring abstract electrical concepts to life. Learn how this technology can create dynamic and experiential learning environments, allowing students to visualize and interact with complex electrical principles in ways never before possible. We will also hear from Executive Directors speak about their experiences with these technologies through the month-long BETA program conducted at 10 IEC chapter locations over the past 30 days.

Bill Fowler and Ian Hoppe


 Emerging Solutions for Planning & Installing EV Chargers

Southwire + Condoit are teaming up to present their solutions at an IEC Business Summit. Condoit, the electrician's app, will share how their software has been used to collect electrical data for new equipment installs, create one-line diagrams on the fly, and generate a report for the client - all while on at the jobsite. Southwire will share EV SimPull Solutions that can be used to help EV Installs issues. One of the biggest issues with new EV installs is dealing with site disruption. Southwire SimPull Solutions help overcome those issue with EV installs. Learn about the latest innovations from two companies who are leading the way.

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Mahsa Poorak, David Scott, Brian Brinkmann, Rebecca Barnes, Joey Baker

Panel Discussion: Workforce Development Strategies and Best Practices

Learn about the latest strategies chapters and contractors are using to recruit and retain apprentices and students. Come prepared with questions, while gaining key insights!

Wednesday, January 31

Claire Wilson


Co-presenter: Modupe Akinnawonu 

AI Forecast: Top Construction Technology Trends for Maximum Impact

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on a remarkable growth trajectory, poised to reach $407 billion by 2027. Despite this promising outlook, the construction industry lacks the knowledge and resources to effectively utilize AI applications for maximum impact. This session will explore current and future trends that offer the most potential for AI integration in construction, along with real-world case studies demonstrating AI's positive impact on project timelines, cost management, productivity, and overall business growth.

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Patrick Cunningham

Federated Insurance

Investing In Your Business

Every business has long-term goals. In order to achieve those goals, two things need to happen: retain your key employees and have an exit strategy. Entrepreneurs have built their businesses through hard work and sacrifice. These owners deserve a great exit package, and a great exit package means knowing what your business is worth. This presentation will focus on options to reward key employees as well as avoiding common business valuation mistakes.

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Stephen Moore


Closing Keynote: 2024 Economic Forecast

Take a deep exploration into the current economic condition, GDP, wages, inflation, interest rates, the fed and so much more as it relates to the construction and electrical trade. 

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