Business Summit 2023 Sessions

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Nashville, Tennessee

January 29 - February 1, 2023

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US Construction Outlook

Jay Bowman, FMI Corporation

Despite the current recessionary forces, the highly diversified nature of the US construction industry will continue to offer significant opportunities. These will be largely defined by emerging new economies and the importance of place. FMI will provide key insights and lessons learned to help navigate the challenges of the next several years and improve success. However, like any market, bulls and bears coexist. As new risks are introduced as a result, learn what others are preparing for to best position their organizations for the next cycle.

Business Exit Planning and Strategies

Julie Keyes, KeyeStrategies

Whether you are two, 10 or 20 years away from a future business exit, maximizing the value of your business is a top priority for successful entrepreneurs. But how best to do that in today's environment is another matter.

 What are acquirers looking for? If you're in acquisition mode, what should you be looking for? How do you identify lower hanging fruit when it comes to implementing a new strategy that impact value? With so many businesses hitting the market for sale over the next few years, it's vital that your company identify and capitalize on its unique capabilities that not only drive market share now, but into the future as well, whether you're planning to buy or sell.

Discover Ideas on How to Attract New Talent: Creating Diverse Partnerships in Construction 

Jennifer Todd, LMS General Contractors

For years, diversity, inclusion, and labor efforts have been separate conversations. Today, the construction industry's labor shortage continues to cripple contractors. Join this panel to discuss why minorities and women are keys to curing the industry's labor shortage. 

Jennifer Todd discusses how she successfully created an in-house demolition and environmental training program, A Greener Tomorrow. She shares actionable steps that you and your company can take to attract, retain and recruit diverse talent, improve workplace culture, and add to your bottom line.

Enhancing Your Risk Management Culture and Leadership

Stewart Van Duzer, Federated Insurance

Every contractor wants, or should want, a strong risk management culture.  The foundation of this culture is leadership driving results within the organization.  This discussion will focus on key lessons learned from businesses owner who have established and maintained a risk management culture that prioritizes safety while enhancing profitability.
What you will learn:

  • What are the tangible benefits to implementing a ‘safety first’ culture?
  • What does a great risk management culture look and feel like?
  • What do I need to do to get my organization’s culture where I want it to be?
  • What are the keys to maintaining your culture once it’s in place?

Grid 2.0 - The Future of Power

Kyle Raabe, Generac Power Systems

As demand for power continues to increase due to increasing adoption of EVs, the ‘electrification of everything’, and population growth, the aging grid is being stretched beyond capacity.  During this session, Kyle will share a brief glimpse into the future of the US electrical grid, as well as growth opportunities that have emerged for the electrical contractor sector.

Help Wanted: Recruit and Retain Your Future

Michael Evans, Milwaukee Tool

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Illustrate their current state of employment planning and future employment needs
  • Describe their value proposition to new employees appropriately based on generational perspectives
  • Identify tactics to employ to support an identified recruiting strategy
  • Compare development models for their organization and identify the advantages for their business

How Effective Communication Can Enhance Business Operations

Marcus Williams, MW Consulting

Understanding the power of communications will enable professionals to better identify and understand their target stakeholders and customers, create stronger narratives, and strengthen or retool services or products to continue to be a viable contender in their respective marketplaces.

Life or Death Accountability: Get Your Team to Act as if Lives Depend on Them When Only Livelihoods Do!

Dave Rosenberg, Locked On Leadership

With the lack of quality job applicants, the best organizations and leaders know they need to maximize the effectiveness of their existing teams by improving collaboration, increasing team cohesion, and driving innovation. You’ve worked hard to get where you are today.  You start each day at full throttle, hitting the deck plates running; you’ve always been the first in the office and the last to leave; you say what you mean and mean what you say.  The challenge is building a team that acts as you do.  You know you’ll get there…eventually.  Wouldn’t it be nice to speed up the process?

In this session, you'll discover the secret to developing a radically accountable team that gets maximum results with minimum supervision, a team that you can count on and that can count on each other even when the bullets are flying.

What You Should Know About Modular Building and Construction

Kelly Williams, Impact Housing

Key markets, key drivers and “nuts and bolts”!

Workforce Best Practices for Recruitment and Retention

Marissa Bankert; Niel Dawson; Billy Ross Hill; Troy Corrigan; Ernest Mora

Focus on growth and strategies to recruit and retain the future workforce – especially unrepresented communities, women and vets. Discuss best practices, while also exploring additional funding opportunities.

Rewire Your Customer Experience with Technology

Michael Sauer, Scorpion

During this interactive session, business owners will learn:

  • What your ideal customer evaluates when deciding between competing electrical contractors
  • Which communication methods (text, chat, email or phone) prospective clients prefer;
  • Best practices on achieving 5-star reviews
  • How to use technology to stay top of mind with prior clients.

TRIO Electric Upgrades Their Electrician Training Program with Transfr

Katie George, Transfr

In 2017, TRIO refined the program by forming an industry-led partnership with an independent school district and a community college to offer electrical training to high school students. The Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship Program (EPP) allows students to learn valuable skills that are in high demand. The EPP curriculum teaches students how to be safe and productive workers as well as other employable and soft skills that are attractive to employers like TRIO. 

Partnering with Transfr allows TRIO to scale their training programs (both in-house and at local high schools and CTE centers) safely and effectively without hiring additional instructors, expanding facilities, or overspending on consumable materials. Hands-on simulations using Transfr would allow TRIO to reach more students with the same facilities and instructors they already had. The key would be bolstering their already-stellar curriculum with VR simulations. 

Using simulated training for a trade as hands-on as electrical construction might seem counterintuitive, but the simulations have been a big hit with both instructors and students. Instructors at TRIO get to empower students with more repetitions of core skills without having to split their attention between multiple groups of students. Students can progress through content as quickly as they wish, reviewing skills and relying on Transfr’s AI coach to help them master essential techniques they’ll use on job sites.

The US Economy in 2023, Take a Hike!

Elliot Eisenberg, Graphs and Laughs

Take a deep exploration into the current economic condition, GDP, wages, inflation, interest rates, the fed and so much more as it relates to the construction and electrical trade.