Strategic Partner: Southwire

In 1937, Roy Richards simply wanted to erect poles and string wire so his grandmother could read under electric light, so he started a company to do just that. On March 23, 1950, he expanded on that dream and founded Southwire Company, LLC. In that same spirit we’ve grown into one of the leading suppliers of wire & cable in North America.

We manufacture 1/2 of the cable used in the transmission & distribution of electricity across America, 1/3 of homes contains our electrical wiring, and more than 1/2 of the copper rod made around the world is produced with Southwire Continuous Rod (SCR®) technology.

About Company Brief:

Founded: 1950
Headquarters: Carrollton, Georgia
Employees: 8,000
Locations: 34 Plants & 10 CSCs

We continue to build on our seven decades of rich history by looking to the future—a future where needs will be met through high-end systems and solutions, and a future guided by the technologies, forces, and trends shaping our industry.

Southwire Solutions University (SSU) offers digital and hands-on product training for electrical contractors, distributors, apprenticeships, and more throughout North America. 

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Each quarter we present a new training series to help educate our customers on Southwire’s solutions. These training series include Feeder Solutions, MCAP® Cable, Circuit Solutions, and more. Click here to sign up.