IEC Chapters Across the Nation to Celebrate National Apprenticeship Week

IEC Chapters Across the Nation to Celebrate National Apprenticeship Week November 14-20, 2022


National celebration of apprenticeship is an opportunity to recognize, showcase and support the value of a route to a successful career and employment through on-the-job training locally, while highlighting the contributions of registered apprentices to the nation’s critical workforce efforts in rebuilding the economy, the country’s infrastructure, and other pressing challenges.

Arlington, VA, November 15, 2022 – The Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) and its 52 chapters across the country are proud to add their voices to the celebration of the 8th National Apprentice Week, November 14-20, 2022. During the week-long celebration, the U.S. Department of Labor has highlighted each day as a theme, from Apprenticeship in New and Emerging Industries, Underserved Populations to Women in Apprenticeship and Public Service and Veterans in Apprenticeship. IEC chapters will take part in the Annual National Apprenticeship Week celebration by recognizing the accomplishments of IEC electrical apprentices enrolled in the IEC Apprenticeship Program, one of the country’s leading and most-established programs.

IEC’s apprenticeship program is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training, making it an approved program with nationwide credentials. IEC’s program puts apprentices on the road to a career journey that offers paid, on-the-job training with an IEC contractor, while learning their craft at local IEC Training Centers, with leading professional instructors and an industry-recognized curriculum in state-of-the-art facilities nationwide.

IEC electrical contractors heavily invest in IEC electrical apprentices and work to provide all the necessary tools to help them excel in the trade. IEC believes in the merit shop philosophy, providing growth and advancement opportunities to individuals who put in their all. A career with an IEC contractor is the true American Dream for these apprentices.

Once a year at IEC’s national annual meeting, SPARK, IEC celebrates apprenticeship. Top graduates from the local apprenticeship programs across the nation are provided the opportunity to compete at the Apprentice of the Year Competition, an annual event where the training electricians go head-to-head demonstrating their skills to represent their IEC chapters and gain national recognition.

“It was a great honor to compete in the AOY (Apprentice of the Year) Competition,” said Jonathan Strubhar, Creation Electric Inc., IEC Oregon, 2022 National Apprentice of the Year. He continued, “I’m very thankful for those who helped me along the way, journeyman, instructors, and my company. Winning the competition really boosted my confidence in my abilities and skills. I am so impressed with the commitment and drive of each competitor. It was great building a camaraderie with those who competed.”

For more information about the IEC and our apprenticeship program, visit or contact Paul Dolenc, Vice President of Education & Training, at


About Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC)

IEC is a merit shop electrical and systems contractor’s trade association. Our core focus is to increase the professionalism of our industry. Through increased educational standards and training, we are dedicated to fostering a positive business climate for all IEC Contractor Members. We offer professional development opportunities, code and safety representation, emerging trends, and multiple conferences throughout the year. There are 52 independent chapters within the Independent Electrical Contractors Association. Each chapter works with local electrical and low voltage contractors to assist in the development of their businesses by networking with contractors. We also provide a four-year apprenticeship program approved by the U.S. Department of Labor with nearly 14,000 apprentices throughout the nation. Our IEC National office offers opportunities for networking across the nation with forum groups and national meetings designed to help IEC chapters grow their members’ businesses.



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