IEC Announces Apprentice of the Year (AOY) Competition at SPARK 2023!

Independent Electrical Contractors Celebrate Excellence in the Electrical Apprenticeship with the Annual Apprenticeship of the Year (AOY) Competition at SPARK 

Dallas, Texas, August 4, 2023 – The Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) presents the annual recognition called the Apprenticeship of the Year (AOY) Competition. The AOY Competition is designed to honor exceptional electrical apprentices within the construction industry who have demonstrated outstanding skills, commitment, and dedication to their craft. Each year, IEC selects a deserving individual to receive this prestigious award at the annual event, SPARK.  

The Apprentice of the Year Competition is a testament to the importance of apprenticeship in the construction sector. It recognizes the invaluable contributions made by apprentices who undergo rigorous training to develop their technical skills and become proficient in their chosen trades. The IEC apprenticeship program provides individuals with practical experience and knowledge, preparing them for successful careers in various construction disciplines.  

The AOY Competition aims to highlight the significance of apprenticeships in fostering the growth and development of the electrical and systems contracting industry. It serves as a platform to highlight the talent, hard work, and accomplishments of the exceptional apprentices who have excelled in their chapter apprenticeship program. 

The Apprenticeship of the Year Competition serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring apprentices, moving them to strive for excellence and pursue rewarding careers. It raises awareness about the significant opportunities that an electrical apprenticeship offers, highlighting the practical, hands-on approach to learning that provides individuals with long-term success. 

The selection process for the AOY award involves a rigorous evaluation of apprentices from across the country. Candidates compete in a head-to-head competition in a written exam, bending electrical metallic tubing, demonstrating job site productivity, installing electrical distribution and control circuitry, demonstrating safe work practices, and more. The judging panel consists of industry experts, professionals, and leaders who have extensive experience in the electrical field.  

Competition winners receive awards recognizing their accomplishments, cash prizes, a selection of tools and reference materials provided by the competition sponsors, and national recognition.  

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