IEC’s latest Platinum Partner MCA, Inc.


We’re excited to announce IEC’s latest Platinum Partner MCA, Inc. MCA, Inc. provides contractors with an

innovative, accurate way to manage their work and improve productivity. IEC members can greatly benefit

from a relationship with MCA, having 30+ years of industry research and hands-on implementation

experience with labor productivity, prefabrication, and operational models that maximize profitability for

electrical contractors, culminating in the forward-looking Industrialization of Construction  and paving the

way for the future of the construction field by Making Productivity Visible to Everyone . For more

information on Industrialization of Construction  visit our website here. We’ve published many articles on

our research that can be found here for reference, and Dr. Perry has written 7 books to help the industry

implement Agile Construction , which can be found through the same link, including the industry’s own

Prefabrication Handbook. ,

As a data-driven business innovation company, MCA is dedicated to helping contractors across the nation

see where they can implement process improvements to increase productivity which has led to a minimum of

30% improvement in job and company-wide profitability. All of our clients have seen a significant increase

in net profit since implementing our principles, some see as much as 10x growth. Based on these results,

MCA, Inc. developed and maintains the industry’s only ASTM standard for the measurement of construction

productivity. MCA developed ASTM E2691, a Standard Practice for Job Productivity Measurement (JPM)

by measuring work performed compared to construction put in place. Industrialization of Construction  is

the future of construction and we’re here to help increase your competitive advantage in the market.

“In the coming years, the construction industry will prove to be both exciting and challenging at the same

time,” said Dr. Perry Daneshgari, President and CEO of MCA, Inc. “Educating the workforce to be more

productive will not only be essential for growth, but necessary for both the local and national Construction

industry to survive the international takeover in today’s changing market. MCA has been in the sole business

of Making Productivity Visible to Everyone  and process improvement since 1990. We have helped more than

300 companies across the US and Canada in various industries and we can better prepare your firm for the

changes to come.”

MCA currently offers a broad range of classes, workshops, research publications, implementation services,

and products to educate the workforce on topics such as:

  • Prefabrication Process and Facility Layout
  • Labor Productivity Measurement and Improvement
  • Agile Construction  Processes and Tools, for the Electrical Contractor
  • Material Handling Improvement, through Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Project Management, including planning, scheduling, tracking, and process design
  • Advanced Project Management, including risk management and cash management


About MCA, Inc.

Founded in 1990 by Dr. Perry Daneshgari, MCA, Inc. is a business process innovation company with a focus

on process improvement and new process design through the managed application of fundamental business

philosophies and principles. Unlike traditional consultants, MCA focuses on assisting managers with

identifying inherent waste associated with intangible processes and systems. Once identified, MCA helps

managers to redesign their processes and systems or create new ones. This allows them to function more

efficiently and better serve their organization’s goals. MCA has worked with more than 1,000 organizations

across the United States and Canada, primarily trade contractors and specifically electrical contractors. Some

of the industries which have benefited from MCA’s expertise are construction (electrical, mechanical, and

general contractors), banking, automotive (product development and manufacturing), medical, healthcare, and

insurance organizations.