Strategic Partner: MCA Inc.

Our company offers two main software systems, JPAC® and SIS®, that implement process improvement for companies. JPAC® (Job Productivity Assurance and Control) is a process designed to measure, predict, and improve job productivity for contractors. Key components include measuring the entire project delivery system, comparing labor codes within projects to identify areas that need improvement, and monitoring the root cause of any problems that may arise on the jobsite. SIS® (Short Interval Scheduling) allows contractors to react to project changes with increased agility and responsiveness. This software allows workers to schedule their work three days out and score their plan daily, which points out deviations in the schedule and helps identify root causes for each deviation. These systems have been in-use for three decades by hundreds of electrical contractors from $1M to $1B in size, with proof of 30% improvement in productivity. 

About Company Brief:

Founded: 1990 

Employees: 15-20 


MCA is a business process innovation company, with a focus on process improvement and new process design through the managed application of fundamental business philosophies and principles. Unlike traditional consultants, MCA focuses intently on aiding managers to identify inherent waste associated with intangible processes and systems. Once identified, MCA assists managers to redesign their processes and systems or create new ones. This allows them to function more efficiently and better serve their organization goals. 

Research has proven that the construction industry as a whole is generations behind other industries in process design and improvement. Many contractors have sought out new “Agile” ways of doing business by partnering with MCA, Inc. MCA has been in the sole business of Making Productivity Visible to Everyone® and process improvement. Since working with over 1,000 organizations, some of the industries that have benefited from MCA’s expertise are construction (electrical, mechanical, and general contractors), banking, automotive (product development and manufacturing), medical, healthcare, and insurance organizations.