People Over Profit: Building a Company & Cultivating a Brand

Take a moment – what comes to mind when you think of the construction industry? “Back-up plan” profession? Low-paying jobs? Guys that eat hot dogs for breakfast? Empowered Electric is upending the construction industry through one dynamic principle: People Over Profit. Although "Profit" is a very (very very) close second, it's our "People" that have grown Empowered into an Inc. Magazine Top 500 Fastest Growing Company. But instead of reinventing the run-down construction wheel, this session is about how you can make your people the face of your company and impact more lives than you thought possible. In other words, this session is for those who get more enjoyment out of giving a raise than receiving one.

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4/27/21 - 4/27/21
  • 4/27/21: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Arlington, VA 22206