Virtual Hill Day

IEC Virtual Hill Day: Advocate. Educate. Influence.

The 2021 IEC Virtual Hill Day is an opportunity for your chapter to connect with members of Congress and their staffs on IEC’s priorities issues during the month of May. 

IEC is committed to providing our chapters with the resources and background material you need to make the most of this opportunity with your elected officials. Additional information on specific bills and policies will be provided shortly, but the most important action step right now is to get a meeting with your House and/or Senate representatives ASAP. Guidance on how to set those appointments provided in the docs below.

Participation in the 2021 Virtual Hill Day is just as important as the traditional in-person meetings, but with greater flexibility that allows you to pick the days and times that will mean even greater participation by members that might not otherwise want to travel to Washington.

Stay tuned for more details on IEC’s first Virtual Hill Day!

5/1/21 - 5/1/21
  • 5/1/21: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Arlington, VA 22206