Capitol Connection: December 2021
December 2021

Introducing the IEC Insider Podcast!


IEC PRIDE PAC’s new PAC Administrator, Alex Ayers, will be hosting a podcast episode each month discussing activity in Washington, D.C. with topics ranging from politics to important policy outside of the industry. For the inaugural episode, Alex will be talking about the changing influence of former President Donald Trump with the GOP. Stay tuned for a new episode each month!


Goal Achieved

PRIDE PAC has reached its 2021 goal of $53,000! However, we hope you will help us reach our stretch goal of $60,000 by year’s end. Will you be the one to put us over the top?


Help PRIDE PAC Reach $60,000!

PRIDE PAC passed its original goal for 2021.

You can help push us over the top!

2021 PRIDE PAC Donors

A special thanks to all those who have generously contributed to PRIDE PAC so far in 2021!
Don’t see your name on this list? Donate to PRIDE PAC today!

Founder's Club:

President's Club:

Steve Humphrey, Jr.

Pete Farreny

Barry Kindt

Bret & Janet Martin

Robert Watkins

Troy Corrigan

Niel Dawson

Dan Endris

Mary Humphrey

Jerry Kent

Thayer Long

Governor’s Club:

Jesse Abercrombie

Donna Adams

Gloria Aey

Don Aragon

Candy Branham

Donald Hulsey

Ralph Ireland

Bruce Kohan

Cecil Leedy

Tommy Monaco
Shirlee McArthur

Lloyd Quinney

Lou Schuler

Donald Sharkey

William Sherrill

Gordon Stewart

Kristen Williams

Barry Williams

Robert Yost

Congressional Club:

Eric Handy

Sue Harrison

Greg Holloway

Joe Hovanec

Dean Kredit

Frank Monacelli
Carol Reynolds

Brett Santarelli

Bobby Tutor

John Waldrop

Tim White
Brian Winn

Pete Aden

Paul Asselin

Robert Cheney

Jim Davis

Mark Ellis

Dale Flythe

Cara Herbstritt


Matt Hittinger

Zachary Jarmon

David Johnson

Heather Larkin

Daniel Neddeau

Troy Puleo

Travis Puleo

Carol Reynolds

Charles Spitzer

Marilyn Stansbury

Daniel Steele

Jason Todd

Charles Whitman
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