Capitol Connection: August
Capitol Connections_8.10.22

August 10, 2022

Act Now! Tell the House to Oppose the Union-Friendly Reconciliation Bill  

Over the weekend, the United States Senate passed its $369 billion tax, energy, healthcare, and climate plan known as the Inflation Reduction Act by a 51-50 vote, with the vice president casting the deciding vote. Included in the bill are provisions that would provide a “bonus” or increased tax benefit for certain clean energy projects in which the contractor pays the prevailing wage and uses registered apprentices. IEC sent a letter urging Congress to oppose the bill based on these pro-union provisions. You can do your part and write your representative and tell them to oppose this misguided piece of legislation.


Prevailing Wage Requirements Included in Final CHIPS Bill

President Biden recently signed the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, which focuses on keeping the United States’ competitive with China in areas such as nanotechnology, clean energy, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence. The final bill resembled the version passed by the Senate and requires Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rates be paid for facilities built with CHIPS funding. IEC successfully worked to defeat the House bill’s labor provisions, such as ‘card check’ and union-friendly apprenticeship funding.


Connect with Members of Congress During August

The August recess is upon us, and there’s still time to reach out to your members of Congress who are meeting with constituents in their districts. This is the perfect time for your local representatives to tour your apprenticeship program and visit with IEC members to discuss the ins and outs of the electrical industry and its workforce challenges. To give you some background on how chapters have handled meeting with members of Congress, listen to the #MainStreetMeritShop webinar that includes a panel of executive directors who discuss their experiences. To access, use password: CapitolConnection22


Help the IEC Freedom Fund Reach its Goal!


Congress and the Biden administration continue to promote policies that benefit big labor at the expense of the merit shop. Project labor agreements, pro-union NLRB appointees, and changes to Davis-Bacon all threaten IEC members. To continue to promote and protect the merit shop philosophy, IEC established the Freedom Fund. This fund is designed to give IEC more firepower in Washington to protect its merit shop electrical contractors.


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