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IEC’s vibrant network of 51 chapters is a leading force in creating opportunity for electrical and systems contractors around the nation. IEC National collaborates with its chapters to provide educational, professional development, and leadership opportunities to support their members’ career goals, and assists chapters in advocating for policies that support the businesses of their members.

Chapters are autonomous organizations, each with their own purpose and priorities, but they are also an extension of IEC’s mission and community. Our priority is to offer reciprocal, meaningful engagement opportunities that result in advancing our mission both locally and nationally.

Together, we're transforming learning and teaching in the electrical industry.
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I found being involved in my local chapter and at the National level has made me the businessperson I am today. As a volunteer, you think you are serving to support IEC improve the electrical industry, but serving is the best education you can get in business. Volunteering and attending IEC events puts you in touch with like-minded business owners, managers, and contractors who share experiences, making it easy to learn what is best for your company and how to grow. IEC apprenticeship developed me into a professional electrician but being involved with IEC has developed me as a business professional."

- Troy Corrigan, Corrigan Electric & Member of the IEC National Board of Directors

Why Become an IEC Chapter?

IEC chapters are developed by those who wish to actively collaborate with IEC and other chapters on mission-driven initiatives, professional learning opportunities, and organizational growth endeavors. IEC chapters receive a robust collection of benefits and resources to support and promote opportunity for electrical contractors, employers, and apprentices.

Access to 3,000+ IEC Electrical Contractors 
Network with like-minded professionals and collaborate on job referrals, workforce development, permitting, inspections, best practices, and more.

A Robust Network of 51 chapters 
Collaborate with fellow chapters on issues to raise the profile of the electrical profession in our communities.

Leadership & Professional Development Opportunities
Chapters and their members serve on IEC National Committees and Advisory Groups.

IEC Affiliation
Enhance your organization's credibility and impact through affiliation with your IEC Chapter. Gain access to resources, trends, and important opportunities.

Advance the Industry
IEC National provides chapters with the advocacy leadership and resources they need to have their voices heard by legislators at the local and national levels, including research and access to public policy plans. 

Promote Your Events 
IEC National will assist you to ensure that your events are successfully promoted to the chapter network.

Recognition of your Work
Gain recognition for your amazing work through promotion in IEC National publications, at meetings and events, and through the IEC National Awards program.


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