IEC PAC Approval Form

When you submit the PAC Authorization form below, you will automatically receive a subscription to IEC Insider, IEC’s exclusive monthly newsletter that provides an inside view of the latest news from Washington, D.C. IEC Insider is an invaluable tool that will keep you up-to-date and prepared for the changing political and legislative landscape and its effect on your business and bottom line.

I authorize IEC PAC, the political action committee of the Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc., to solicit myself, the executive and administrative personnel, and the shareholders of my company for participation in IEC PAC fundraising events for any or all of the years designated below.

Note to IEC members: IEC PAC is required by federal law to obtain prior valid written approval from member companies designated by calendar year. Multiple year approvals are permitted. Companies may only authorize one trade association per year. (Your signature does not obligate you to make any contribution to IEC PAC – it allows IEC PAC to inform you of upcoming activities).