Chapter Corner

Newsroom & Insights: December 2017

Can We Overdo Safety?

Too much of anything is usually not good for you, but can we say that when it comes to safety. I have seen individuals struggle with this and some never consider the question at all as they plowed full steam ahead. I believe it deserves a look; and in my opinion, we all have to understand the risks associated with too little a focus and the risks associated with too much of a focus on this thing we call safety.


Five Steps to Improve Productivity and Morale

Productivity has been the mantra of the industry for the last two decades – and it’s not stopping anytime soon. The U.S. Census Bureau reports positive gains for May 2017, total construction spending is up 6.1 percent from May 2016. The result is that companies are implementing new tactics to meet the high demand. Prefabrication, with its substantial time saving benefits, is becoming more prevalent as part of those new tactics. When utilizing prefabrication methods, it must be paired with knowledge and implementation of good ergonomics to recognize those time savings. Prefab gains can easily be offset with labor downtime and high injury/workers comp expenses.


Tax Reform Bill Goes to Conference

Comprehensive tax reform will impact the bottom line of all IEC members, one way, or another...


Senate Confirms New NLRB General Counsel

The general counsel has significant influence on cases heard by the National Labor Relations Board, which can impact IEC members...


Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion Meets

Results from the Task Force on Apprenticeship could have an impact on IEC’s registered apprenticeship program...


OSHA Extends Electronic Reporting Requirement Deadline

IEC continues to work with the Coalition for Workplace Safety to blunt the effects of this rule that may lead to public access to OSHA 300 records...