West Coast Business Communications: New Seasons Market - Williams Location

westcoast.gifWest Coast Business Communications was praised for its work on the New Seasons Market - Williams Location. New Seasons Market announced in January 2012 that their thirteenth store would be opening in North Portland, Oregon, on Williams Avenue. This store would have 30,000 square feet of retail space.

New Seasons broke ground in the spring of 2012. Having worked with New Seasons Market and creating a partnership, and having completed two previous stores and one kitchen, this would be the third store for West Coast Business Communications. It would also be a repeat collaboration with Triton Communications out of Hillsboro, Oregon.

The project consisted of over 300 limited energy technician hours to install more than 40,000 feet of data cable used for voice and data.

WCBC_Pic.pngThroughout the project 200 data cables used for voice and data, a stilled 2-post data rack, and a 4-post data rack were installed. Also installed were a wall-mount enclosed data cabinet, 6-strand fiber, 25-pair voice feed as well as phone system with voicemail. In all, enough to handle 50 phones and 10 phone lines.

After realizing that another trade ran too small of a conduit to feed cables through for cash wrap locations, the flooring needed to be pulled up, and a bigger conduit was installed.

Due to the square footage of the building and the locations of the cash wrap conduits, West Coast Business Communications needed to create a new intermediate distribution frame closet. This was created with a wall-mount data rack cabinet, supplied with fiber and 25-pair voice feed from the main distribution frame.

West Coast Business Communications successfully completed the project, and the New Seasons Market - Williams Location is now open to the public.