Weifield Group Contracting: Rigden Storage Reservoir Project


Weifield Group Contracting received the 2015 IEC Excellence in Construction - Industrial (contracts up to $1,500,000) Award for its work on the design and construction of a new raw water storage facility for Fort Collins Utilities. This project consisted of a storage reservoir, a main pipeline that ran across town to the pump station, and the pump station.

The storage reservoir has approximately 1,400-acre-feet of storage capacity and was lined using clay from the bottom of the gravel pit to prevent leakage. Throughout the project, over two million cubic yards of material (equivalent to 612 Olympic-sized pools) were removed from the reservoir, with half remaining on site for reuse. A pump station, comprised of 4,400 feet of large pipe and several concrete structures, was also constructed.

Weifield_Construction.gifFor this project, Weifield installed a complete 600- amp electrical system for two buildings, one diversion structure, two inlet gate structures, and the site duct banks. The new 600-amp service provides power for two variable-frequency drive (VFD) motors, motorized operators, instruments for gaining information and many levels of process through a programmable logic controller (PLC) and SCADA system, and much more.

During the project, the owner asked Weifield to build two PLCs. The PLC build was originally to be built by the owner’s electricians; but due to limited staffing, Weifield took ownership of the PLCs and was able to build them without adding time to the project schedule. Weifield also installed Profibus devices so that Rigden’s equipment could communicate with each other and the PLCs. The Profibus devices are exposed and were required to meet aesthetic standards.

In an effort to preserve energy, Weifield installed solar tubes for this project to minimize the need to turn lights on and off, which are a fraction of the cost of a skylight. The company also utilized 18 pulse VFDs on motors to control the speed of the motors and control the pump station. Weifield also installed several solar- power mixers in the reservoir. These help conserve energy, communicate via radio signal with the pump station for quality control, and prevent harmful blue-green algae bloom buildup. The pumps were controlled by the system PLC for starting, stopping, and speed.