Wagner Electric Company: R.T. Vanderbilt New Tank Farm and Area 20 Expansion

Wagner.gifWagner Electric Company was lauded for its work on the R.T. Vanderbilt New Tank Farm and Area 20 Expansion in Murray, Kentucky. This was an existing chemical plant that makes oil-based products in a Class 1, Division 2 environment. The expansion was built to provide a huge increase in production for both new and existing processes.

Wagner Electric was the only merit-shop contractor on the project.

The initial challenge addressed was to review the 3D computer-aided design file, which only showed the processing piping, and design the routing for the entire project. In many areas, there was little space to get hundreds of conduits routed.

The conduit had to be routed over the tanks and process piping to eliminate exposure to leaking pipes. This was accomplished by choosing new routes and utilizing stainless supports overhead and galvanized stands below to support routing conduit to all valves and control devices.

Wagner.png"In addition we were in Class 1, Division 2 environment using PVC-coated rigid throughout," said Mike Wagner, Wagner Electric of Louisville, Kentucky. "This in itself made for an interesting project."

Another challenge was the automation of the entire Area 20, which included piping and wiring of approximately 1,000 control devices and over 40,000 terminations, both digital and analog.

This was the most extensive job in the company's 54-year history yet it ran the smoothest.

"I have to say the overall cooperation from all trades was exceptional," said Wagner. "We are extremely proud and thankful to R.T. Vanderbilt and their construction team for giving us this opportunity to showcase our abilities. My Wagner team performed exceptionally well as demonstrated by this National Award."