Using EDMS Software to Advance the Electricity Industry

As a subdivision of the services industry, electricity is powering our society, but could do so more efficiently with EDMS software (electronic document management systems).
Deregulation Creates New Demand for Corporate Responsibility

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), is still the primary overseer of the utility and electricity industry, but it is granting more leeway to businesses to make decisions in the way they see fit.
One of the biggest trends in the electricity generation and distribution industry is the shift from regulatory power to the power of businesses, who are taking on an increasingly central role in establishing their own regulatory and governmental framework given the leniency the government has given businesses.
EDMS Software as an Industry Time Capsule

One of the biggest questions in the electricity generation and distribution industry is how to pass the proverbial torch from more tenured linemen to the younger generation rising to fill their roles as they retire.
The operational challenges this imposes are far-reaching in scope, but they can be addressed through three specific EDMS software offerings:
  • Protecting documentation on legacy system and new technology procedures.
  • Better information management for easier new hire training.
  • Using role-based security to access documentation.

With these three offerings, the seismic generational shift within this industry can go smoother than most companies expect.

Maintaining Field Equipment on the Fly

In conjunction with an inter-generational paradigm shift in the industry, new and less experienced technicians must be able to securely retrieve procedural documentation on their mobile devices to provide the best service possible.

Mobile EDMS software makes this possible, storing even the largest files securely in a password-protected solution that also offers a client portal for sharing sensitive documents. 

Not only does this help workers on a procedural level, it also helps to ensure new hires are safer on the job as they are able to double check procedural processes.

At any point of procedural uncertainty, new workers in the electrical industry can use EDMS software to find the information they need, precisely when they need it.

How EDMS Software Helps Fit the New Corporate Framework in the Energy Sector

Any time there's a transfer of power across an industry, particularly if it's from the government to businesses themselves, requires a complete overhaul of existing processes, primarily at the level of document security.

This change is occurring across all kinds of electricity generation and distribution businesses, including gas, water, transportation, and general consumption.

Given the amount of ransomware attacks that have recently plagued the digital world, electricity companies need to take it upon themselves to safeguard their internal documentation - protecting themselves from internal and external data breaches.

Mastering Customer Service Due to Industry Changes

As deregulation swells in the electrical services industry, so do electrical services companies and, therefore, competition.

This provides consumers and businesses with more alternatives when deciding to whom they should give their business.

This raises competitive stakes for electricity services sellers, but one of the most energy-efficient ways to handle this competition is through EDMS software for services companies.

And it remains relatively untapped as a green method of ensuring the clean energy branding consistency that many electrical companies are striving to advent.

On a more profit-centric note, the number of fast-followers in the electrical services market also imposes competition for growth.

Although industry pioneers, like PECO, have a strong foothold in the market, fast followers are less likely to fail if they