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Tutor Electrical Service: Splash Kingdom Family Waterpark - Wild West

Posted in: November/December 2013

Tutor_SplashPad.gifTutor Electrical Service of Mansfield, Texas, was recognized for its work on the Splash Kingdom Family Waterpark - Wild West, a family-friendly water attraction in Hudson Oaks, Texas. The electrical scope of work for this project included a complete redesign of the entire electrical distribution system because the original design did not meet the facility's equipment needs.

The electrical system feeds a total of six buildings, containing a large number of high-volume water pumps, compressors, two full kitchens, and office spaces. In addition, Tutor Electrical Service overcame a number of challenges on this project including 17 acres of rocky, hilly terrain on site making excavation and installation of underground utilities significantly more challenging.

Tutor-2-_-Wild-West.png"The biggest challenge we faced at the Splash Kingdom Family Waterpark - Wild West was the aggressive schedule," said Brian Brinkman, Vice President of Operations & Design of Tutor Electrical Service. "We were brought on board less than 90 days before the opening day. Our first task involved a complete redesign and reengineering of the entire electrical distribution system, and in spite of numerous challenges due to equipment changes, we completed our scope of work in time for the grand opening."