Tutor Electrical Service: Dallas County Sub-Courthouse

GovtCenter_Tutor.gifTutor Electrical Service won a second Excellence in Construction award for its work on the Dallas County Sub-Courthouse, a two-story, 32,000-square-foot public service facility. Tutor Electrical Service provided a comprehensive lighting control system as well as design expertise and a detailed cost analysis to ensure that the final project met budgetary constraints as well as the design intent of the end users.

The Dallas County Sub-Courthouse meets Energy Star Certification as well as all current energy codes and standards. The comprehensive lighting control system includes features such as daylight sensors for offices with exterior exposure, which allows for daylight-harvesting and an additional 30 percent reduction in energy consumption.

"As a member of the design team for the new Dallas County Sub-Courthouse, we were challenged with reconciling the diverse needs of numerous end users with an established budget and Energy Star energy-efficient design standards," said Brian Brinkman, Vice President of Operations & Design, Tutor Electrical Service.

Tutor_Courthouse.png"With five tenant organizations, each with different operating schedules, workspace requirements, and security concerns, we were able to design a programmable lighting control system that provided the flexibility needed, incorporating both occupancy and vacancy sensing, daylight harvesting, time-of-day control, and multiple layers of security lighting. In addition, we created 'after-hours' zones linked to occupancy sensors that were only activated after normal building operations ceased. This feature provided automated light control for cleaning crews who realized immediate work efficiency increases from time saved by no longer needing to turn lights on and off, and additional energy efficiencies by eliminating the possibility of lights being left on all night accidently. A side benefit of this system provides after-hours security lighting and sensing of unauthorized personnel."