TMI Electrical Solutions: Rexnord Energy Efficient/Green Construction

TMI_Solar.gifTMI Electric was recognized for their work in partnership with Melink Corporation to design and install a
complete turn-key installation of a 3.1MW ground-mount photovoltaic array at Rexnord MFG.

Melink leased the property from Rexnord to obtain a "Feed in Tariff" from the utility company (Indiana Power & Light) to provide generation to the utility at a purchase price of $0.20 a kilo watt hour. The array will generate over $730,000 a year in income from the sale of electricity. Melink (investor) will receive a tax credit of over $2.3 million dollars and a yearly return of over 15 percent on their investment.

The project included 12,040 PV modules installed on a 17-acre site. The project included all required engineering, documentation, and array design. TMI provided site analysis, PV design, permitting, PV system installation, general contracting and site management and electrical installation of primary conduits, utility transformers, distribution, inverter, array wiring, DC string homeruns, and modules.

TMI.gifThe largest challenge during the project was one of the worst winters seen in the Midwest for quite some time. The weather conditions included ice, over 50 inches of snow, rain, and freezing temperatures (average temperature for this period was 29 degrees, with the low temperature of -15 degrees). TMI employees made sure they kept hands, feet, and heads covered to prevent frostbite and also used an indoor facility to warm up when needed. This frigid winter weather resulted in at least 10 lost work days but TMI employees worked 10-hour days and accumulated more than 450 hours of overtime to overcome the delays. The project was commissioned on time with all final inspections completed and started the production of more than 3,600 MW Hours of electricity annually.

"TMI Electrical Contractors unequivocally has been and remains Melink Solar's most valuable partner, having contributed tremendously to our success," said Harry Acheampong, PMP, Project Manager at Melink Solar.