The Small Business Issue

Just a few days prior to completing this issue of Insights, I went to lunch in Old Town Alexandria, just a few miles down the road from the IEC National Office. As I walked up King Street, I had a smile on my face while passing the boutiques, family-owned businesses, and “Mom and Pop” shops. Small businesses like these are the pulse that drives America. These businesses drive our economy and are our job creators.

Although the IEC membership includes some of the largest electrical contracting companies in the world, approximately 80 percent of IEC members are small businesses. As an association, IEC aims to provide resources to help these businesses operate more effectively and efficiently.

This issue of Insights focuses on small businesses in the electrical contracting field. Although, the smaller sized staffs were in mind when crafting these articles, many of the ideas can be implemented in any size company.

For example, on page 10, Todd Goldmeyer walks you through how something as simple as organizing your trucks and/or van can vastly improve your business. Small and large companies alike can benefit from the information provided. There are other articles on everything from hiring to compensation to what to do when your company goes through an OSHA audit.

The diversity of these articles can help spark new ideas for a company. There is a massive amount of responsibility that rests on a business owner’s shoulders; it is our goal to help ease some of that pressure.

During the Great Recession so many small businesses took a figurative punch to the gut and now they are fighting to get back to where they were in the early- and mid-2000s. Their resiliency and drive again have these businesses in the position to lead.

The owners of these companies have taken a chance and branched out on their own for a shot at the “American Dream.” Hopefully these articles will help them get there.

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