The Audacy Low-Voltage Wireless Lighting Controls System

shutterstock_511423921.jpgAs part of its flexible nature, the Audacy system includes an innovative Low-Voltage DC (LVDC) option. IDEAL partnered with Armstrong® Ceilings and its DC FlexZone™ energized ceiling grid to offer a complete, highly-flexible LVDC lighting, controls, and ceiling solution. The DC FlexZone ceiling grid includes an integrated, 24V DC, touch-safe bus, yet installs like a traditional suspended ceiling. Building power connects to an AC-DC power supply, which then provides LVDC power to the rails. The Audacy Luminaire Controller then clips to this energized rail and provides control of the fixture. From there, the luminaires are controlled via the Audacy web Interface or mobile app, allowing both LVDC and traditional AC-based installations to be controlled from the same platform.
Three recent installations utilizing the Audacy-Armstrong Low Voltage DC system highlight the flexibility of the combined solution:
Government Laboratory
A major government laboratory, home to some of the brightest minds in the country, was recently challenged to renovate their offices and provide an atmosphere that allowed these great minds to work in a custom environment conducive to brainstorming and creative thinking. They needed a lighting solution that was flexible enough to quickly, easily, and economically change to meet the needs of its occupants. 
After an extensive search, the Audacy Wireless Lighting Controls system and Armstrong Ceilings Low Voltage DC FlexZone energized ceiling grid were chosen to provide this key characteristic to their renovated office space. Installation of the Audacy and Armstrong components took approximately 5 days to install in the 18,000 sq ft space. Compared to a standard AC-based installation, which would have taken over a week to complete, the Audacy-Armstrong LVDC solution was quickly installed, bringing with it the flexibility the facilities team required. 
One of the world’s largest investment firms takes pride in its ability to use creative workspaces to help the firm achieve its stated business objectives. As part of their ongoing efforts to provide their employees with the most innovative workspaces, they looked to the Audacy-Armstrong LVDC solution to help them maintain their cutting-edge approach. Having designated one of their key office locations as a trial space for different workspace layouts, the combined LVDC system was installed in one half of one of their key office spaces to test settings such as light levels, remote system control, advanced scheduling, and occupancy/vacancy. The ability to quickly and easily change the physical layout of the light fixtures allowed the team to adapt the lighting to match the different workspace layouts. The firm plans to use employee feedback from this installation as a guide for designing optimal workspaces for future office renovations. 

This open space was in need of a complete renovation as the furniture, structure, lighting, and technology was quite outdated. The result was a sophisticated, technologically-advanced open space office layout. Combining both a traditional AC-based system and the Audacy-Armstrong LVDC solution into one control platform, the space provides an example of the ease with which the two solutions can coexist. The seamless nature of the total solution allows occupants the flexibility to control and customize the lighting in any space.
As companies continue to discover the significance of the workplace in achieving business objectives, the need for a flexible workspace will become