Strength from Partnerships

DeanKredit.jpgEvery business needs a wealth of information to function and whether it is the products we purchase and install or making sure we have properly protected our employees and businesses, the most trustworthy and valuable information comes from the partnerships we have developed over the years. Throughout my time at IEC, I have come to realize that the most useful resources in my arsenal are IEC's Industry Partners.

I would like to focus this "President's Message" on our partners who have made the investment and put forth personal effort to be part of our association. Nationally and locally, IEC Industry Partners provide tremendous value to our individual companies, our local chapters, the national office, and the IEC Foundation. When you look at the many industry partners supporting us, their companies have made a decision to be a part of our association because they truly care about the industry and our members. I assure you that this level of dedication is rare in associations.

Our partners share their expertise and resources to support our mission and industry, making it possible to accomplish our goals. As we finalize our national three-year strategic plan, our partners will play a major role in the success of that plan. Their donations and support help us take on larger projects that advance our association and the industry. For example, The Home Depot's premier sponsorship of the Annual National Convention allows the national staff to plan an event that continues to give members the best education, networking opportunities, and overall convention experience possible.

As I have traveled around the country to attend many chapter and national events, I can't help but notice our industry partners' participation in all of the activities. A chapter's wire-off and cookout, holiday party, awards dinners ... these are all events that our industry partners gladly attend. Also on the chapter level, partners donate a great deal of resources towards the chapter training centers both individually and via the IEC Foundation. During my visit with Mid-South IEC, I noticed the shiny, new tools hanging on the walls. The tools were a gift from Thomas & Betts, who is heavily involved with the chapter. They have also taken their hands-on truck - which demonstrates bonding and grounding - to chapters around the country. CNA Insurance regularly provides IEC with toolbox talks and other safety information; the list of partner involvement on the chapter level is endless.

As members of this association, we always need to remember that our partners are shareholders  in IEC as well. It is easy to forget to thank someone who put forth that extra effort, so next time you see one  of our  industry  partners, remember  to  thank them for their support for not only the big things they do, but also the little things.

As you continue to improve your own company or chapter, our industry partners are a perfect model to observe by what they do for us. They came on board  to help and serve your business — so start utilizing this valuable resource.

To all our Industry Partners, thank you for all you do.


Dean Kredit

Dean Kredit is IECs 2013 National President. As the principal elected officer of the association, Kredit serves as Chair to the Board of Directors, House of Delegates, and Executive Committee. He is also the president of K2 Electric in Phoenix, Arizona.