Season of Improvement

A new year is often a time when people make improvements in their personal lives. The change that gets the most attention is healthy living. In January, gym memberships increase exponentially and the number of diet program enrollments shoot through the roof.

The beginning of a new year feels like a new start. Even if you are still working at the same place and the same project, on January 1, you walk into your place of employment with a fresh perspective. Additionally, the start of a new year is the perfect time to launch a new or improved product.

So with that, I am proud to present you with the new and improved Insights magazine. The content and articles will remain similar to recent years. We will continue to present you with current and relevant articles that will help you improve your business and perform your work at a high level while keeping safety as the top priority.

The major improvement of Insights is in the look and layout. The bold new appearance is attractive and more reader-friendly. We will utilize more charts and eye-catching graphics to better support the articles and drive home the important messages of the talented writers. In 2010, Insights underwent a complete relaunch including fresh content - this is not as big of a change, it is just a makeover. If you turn to the feature articles or table of contents, the changes are noticeable.

Not only is this the first issue with the design changes, it is also a special edition focused solely on the 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC). This new edition of the code book contains changes that are outlined in multiple articles from industry experts. Other important issues surrounding the NEC are addressed in articles from Jeffery Sargent of the National Fire Protection Association and my colleague at IEC National, John Masarick.

The team of writers in this issue of Insights are some of the best ever assembled. Nearly all of the contributors represent IEC on a NEC Code Making Panel (some on multiple panels). Their unquestioned knowledge of their craft shines brightly in all of the special features. Much of the information is technical in nature and will help you better understand the new IEC.

Insights is embracing the season of improvement with this issue and are starting the year off with a bang. I wish you all a prosperous 2014!

We would love to hear your feedback on the new layout of the magazine. Please feel free to e-mail us your thoughts to

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