President's Message

DeanKredit.jpgI would like to begin my inaugural "President's Message" by saying Happy New Year! I enjoy the beginning of a New Yea because we can all have a clean slate and the opportunity to stat from zero. Whether your focus is on personal or professional goals, it will be your choice alone on how you apply them to 2013.

If you are starting the New Year doing things exactly the same but expecting different results, then you may need to step back and review your goals. One of the examples I would like to share is when I joined an IEC forum group several years ago. The sharing of information with my forum members allowed my company to explore other opportunities we had not done in the past and made us a much better company because of what we learned; it was clearly one of the best decisions my company made. Also, serving IEC in many different capacities has opened the door to endless contacts that I use every day.

As we look at today’s market, I realize we need to be at the top of our game to succeed, which means possessing information and knowledge of our industry is critical to our success. With the current economic climate, being a member of IEC is more important to our businesses’ than ever before. Whether it is information on government action, union activity, or industry trends, having an association that can communicate and share this information is a valuable tool.

This year, one of IEC’s goals will be to revise our strategic plan to keep you aware of what the association’s priorities are and in what order we can accomplish them. This will be our road map to all the benefits our national staff is providing you. An example of this is the Apprentice & Training Committee, whose members continually work to provide the future workforce with a solid training program that will give them a bright future. IEC Apprentice Training is the flagship program of our association and we strive for excellence in the product and quality of our curriculum, which is why we are enthusiastic about beginning our new partnership with American Technical Publishers.

Finally, if you have not recently experienced an IEC national event, I would encourage you to make attending an IEC meeting one of your 2013 goals. The slate of meetings this year will be informative and beneficial to you and your company. They provide insight into the direction of the economy along with the tools to assist us with the changes to come. I know firsthand of when you look at the cost of these meetings and you start to feel that it might not be worth the investment. From my own experience, after every meeting I have attended I am able to take away something new that helps improve my business. This well exceeds the money I spent on the event.

We have all experienced the effects of the economic downturn throughout these past years. Depending on your particular market area or the type of electrical work you do, some may have felt the effects more than others. Although it has been difficult and continues to be for many, it made us all re-evaluate how we do business today. Surprisingly, I see a silver lining in all of this, which is the many opportunities we will have once the market improves and the fact that we will come out of this difficult time as much better companies than we were in the past. This is why I am ready to look forward and begin the journey into 2013.

I wish you a blessed and prosperous year and I look forward to seeing you at the many IEC events ahead of us.