President’s Budget Proposes Significant Boost in Apprenticeship Funding

In early February, President Obama released his annual budget for Fiscal Year 2017, which included a significant increase in funding for career and technical education. Included in the budget proposal is $2 billion for an Apprenticeship Training Fund geared at the President’s goal of doubling of the number of U.S. apprentices by 2019. Of that $2 billion, $200 million is proposed to support the development and expansion of youth apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeship programs that let young people explore their interests in school through work and classroom-based training, before starting a formal apprenticeship. The budget also includes a number of other proposals aimed at supporting young people who are out of school and work by putting them into a job. While IEC supports efforts to raise the dialogue, benefits, and resources devoted to registered apprenticeship, the President’s budget is largely a political document and most of these proposals will not get much traction in their current form in the legislative process. For more information, read the White House fact sheet.