Notice of House of Delegates Meeting Agenda



In accordance with organizational procedures, we are pleased to alert you to the upcoming annual IEC House of Delegates meeting, where the association will conduct the election of National Officers to form the 2021 IEC National Executive Committee.

Date:        Wednesday, October 28, 2020 
Time:        1:15 - 1:45pm Eastern Daylight Time
Location:  Virtual Meeting

     I.    Call to Order/Quorum Confirmation (National President Branham) 
    II.    Motion to Authorize Past Presidents to Vote (National President Branham) 
   III.    Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes (National Secretary Corrigan) 
    IV.    Receipt of Communications for Annual Meeting (National Secretary Corrigan) 
     V.    Financial Report * (National Treasurer Martin) 
    VI.    Reports of Committees * 
   VII.    Old Business 
  VIII.    New Business 
                  a. Election of 2021 National Officers (Nominating Committee Chairman Golka) 
    IX.     Adjournment

Rules of the meeting will be in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order. Each speaker is limited to three minutes to address an issue. No one may speak twice regarding the same issue until everyone else wishing to speak has spoken, and time remains to address the issue.  *May be waived by motion/vote. 

Please mark your calendars and plan to join us for this event this year, as well as attend the full virtual IEC National Convention & Expo, by registering at


2021 Slate of Officers (submitted by National Nominating Committee)

  • National President: Janet Martin (IEC Rocky Mountain)
  • National Treasurer: Troy Corrigan (IEC Kentucky & Southern Indiana)
  • National Secretary: Steve Humphrey, Jr. (IEC Ft. Worth/Tarrant County)
  • National Vice President: Cecil Leedy (IEC Florida West Coast)
  • National Immediate Past President: Candy Branham (IEC of Greater St. Louis)

Thank you to Gary Golka (IEC of Arizona) for your years of dedicated service to IEC as an Officer! 


2021 Slate of Regional Directors (submitted by Regional Nominating Committees)

  • Northeast Region:           
    • (1) election – Mike Gaffney (IEC Central Pennsylvania) 3rd two-year term
  • Southeast Region:           
    • (1) election – Vacant
  • Midwest Region:             
    • (2) elections – Gloria Aey (IEC Western Reserve) 3rd two-year term; Lou Schuler (IEC Greater Cincinnati) 1st two-year term
  • Greater Texas Region:     
    • (1) election – Jerry Kent (IEC Texas Gulf Coast) 2nd two-year term
  • Mountain West Region:    
    • (2) elections – Mark Kredit (Montana IEC) 3rd two-year term; Matt Parkin (IEC Oregon) 2nd two-year term


Thank you to all and #WeAreIEC!