New ESTS Courses Available: Effective Leadership Skills and Fire Alarm I

A&T Summer Updates

New Education Offerings, IDEAL Hosts A&T Summer Meeting, 2019 CPE Recipients


New ESTS Courses Available: Effective Leadership Skills and Fire Alarm I


The long-anticipated Effective Leadership Skills course is now available for purchase. This course aims to refine the soft skills of young electrical apprentices, teaching them how to work with others in a professional and effective way. Apprentices will also strengthen their social and communication skills through role playing and case studies, which they can apply on the jobsite.


Effective Leadership Skills may be purchased for $66 via the IEC Training Advantage Bookstore.


Fire Alarm Systems I has been updated to reflect the 2019 edition of NFPA 72® National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code®. This course provides qualified journeyman electricians and apprentices with the knowledge required to work on fire alarm systems. In addition, Fire Alarm Systems I prepares students for the NICET Fire Alarm Systems certification exam.


Fire Alarm Systems I will be available in September and may be purchased for $110 via the IEC Training Advantage Bookstore.


For more information about these offerings and other ESTS courses, contact Director of Curriculum Development Chrissy Skudera at


Electrical Safety Module Added to New Worker Program

An electrical safety module has been added to the New Worker Program. It is included in all purchasing options at no extra cost. It covers:

  • Key industry terms
  • Types of electrical hazards
  • Examples of electrical injuries


The module includes a lesson plan and accompanying PowerPoint and in-class activities.


To purchase the New Worker Program, visit the ESTS section of the IEC Training Advantage Bookstore. For more information about the program, contact Director of Curriculum Development Chrissy Skudera at


IDEAL Industries Hosts A&T Committee Summer Meeting

The A&T Committee met for its annual summer meeting July 17–19 at IDEAL Industries’ headquarters in Sycamore, Illinois. During this meeting, the committee reviewed its accomplishments of the year and set future goals.


“For years we’ve worked off a blueprint that we created at a summer meeting at IEC of Utah. Using this template keeps us focused and working efficiently,” said A&T Committee Chairman George Thess. “I’m looking forward to working with the committee on the goals we’ve set for 2020.”

Meeting at IDEAL Industries’ headquarters gave the committee an opportunity to tour its manufacturing plant. The tour lasted 90 minutes and introduced attendees to various manufacturing processes within the plant including those for IDEAL’s wire termination products (twist-on and push-on wire connectors), fish tapes, wire strippers, and packaging operations.


IDEAL Industries values its long-standing partnership with the IEC, its contractors, and its training centers. We consider it a privilege to host the summer AT&T meeting and appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the IEC and its members,” said IDEAL Industries Area Training Manager–Western Region Ned Johns. “It’s a pleasure to host this meeting at our newest manufacturing center in Sycamore, Illinois, and give a tour to the IEC. I desire to learn where and how IDEAL Industries can support and help the IEC in creating some of the best electrician training programs in the U.S.”

Meet IEC’s 2019 Certified Professional Electricians

Since May, four Certified Professional Electrician (CPE) exams have been held, with the two most recent at IEC Atlanta and IEC of Greater Cincinnati.


Apprentices carrying the CPE credential separate themselves among their peers. They demonstrate another level of knowledge and problem-solving skills, making them elite electricians within the IEC community.


Congratulations to IEC’s 2019 CPE recipients!


Andrew Monson, King’s Electric Services, IEC of Greater Cincinnati

Matias Recoba, Spec Group LLC, IEC Atlanta

Christopher Sanning, Vinson McDonald, IEC Atlanta

Burghelea Sterian, Ask-Kay Electrical Contractors, IEC Atlanta

Linh Truong, Walker Engineering, IEC Dallas


“I am proud of all the IEC Atlanta Chapter students and the instructor/graduate that stepped up to take the Certified Professional Electricians credential exam,” said IEC Atlanta Training Director Todd Hawkins. “I am especially thrilled by the recognition of excellence this credential brings in recognizing the skills and performance of the Certified Professional Electrician to IEC member contractors, apprenticeship graduates and all IEC chapters.”


“The CPE is an extremely thorough exam. It not only tests a person’s knowledge of the material that they have covered over all four years, but it also shows if they are able to do the day-to-day tasks that are required to do your job,” said IEC of Greater Cincinnati Training Director Kevin Collins. “You can’t just be book smart or mechanically proficient. You have to be both. It is a very good measure of being a complete electrician.”


The final CPE exam of 2019 will take place during the IEC Convention & Expo in St. Louis. For testing information, contact VP of Education and Training Paul Dolenc at