Milestone Electric: Service Contractors of the Year

Milestone Electric received the 2015 IEC Excellence in Construction - Service Contractor of the Year (51 or more employees) Award for its excellent service to electrical contracting customers. The Garland, Texas, based company specializes in all aspects of residential electrical service work.

Milestone_Service.gifMilestone Electric’s company mission statement is “Win-Win-Win.” This means (1) the customer must win, (2) the team member must win, and (3) the company must win. Milestone Electric believes in providing every customer with the “red carpet” experience, and this all begins with the training of their electricians. The company’s team members are trained where to park, how to walk to the door, how to greet the customer, how to listen to the customer’s needs, and what options to present to the customer. This attention to detail in their training truly sets Milestone Electric apart from its competition.

Milestone Electric trains its technicians and staff daily. Every workday morning, the company’s technicians have a training meeting. Outside of customer service training, these sessions could be on new products, technical skills, or safety. Milestone Electric understands the critical importance of staying on top of the industry. By discovering the new, top of the line products in the industry, the company’s electricians are able to share them with the customer so that the customer can make an informed decision on what they want.

milestone.jpgMilestone Electric believes that their greatest challenge has been to hire enough good, qualified, licensed electricians. The company’s philosophy it that is isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality. To overcome this challenge, Milestone Electric has started an apprenticeship program and requires all of their apprentices to attend the local IEC Chapter. This has helped them groom the electricians of the future.

“If you knew what I’ve gone through with contractors since February, you’d better understand why I think Rodney may have little angel wings underneath that Milestone shirt,” said Carolyn Marshall about Milestone Electrician Rodney Rasmussen.