Mike Hagen Electric: Norfolk Southern Railroad Maintenance Shop

Locomotive_Hagen.gifMike Hagen Electric was recognized for its work on the Norfolk Southern Railroad Maintenance Shop. As one of the nation's premier transportation companies, Norfolk Southern Corporation operates the most extensive intermodal network in the eastern United States and is a major transporter of coal and industrial products.

Mike Hagen Electric wired a new maintenance facility from the ground up for the Norfolk Southern Railroad in Kansas City, Missouri. This project was completing all of the electrical work at the facility. Nearly 1.5 miles worth of 4,160 volt overhead private electrical lines were relocated to allow for the construction of the new building, which included wiring the entire ventilation system, lighting control systems, and a backup generator.

Hagen_Elec.pngNew exterior lighting consisted of 100-foot-tall holophane high mast lights with lowering mechanisms for maintenance purposes along with several other building and pole-mounted light fixtures.

One of the most intricate aspects was a drop table pit that allows for faster and easier motor replacement on locomotives. The drop table pit is 18 feet in the ground with lighting imbedded into the 18-inch-thick concrete walls.