Make a Difference

BobbyTutor.jpgCongratulations to all of the 2017 award winners. Your hard work and excellence is a tribute to your commitment to the highest standards, an evaluation to our industry and more specifically our association. No participation trophies here!

Within the IEC family there's no shortage of candidates when it comes to awards for excellence. The passion to pursue excellence and to help others succeed is evident in everything IEC does. We have all heard the adage that "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." You will not find another group that cares more about others success than IEC. It's who IEC is! But if you have been around for any time at all, then I am not telling you anything you don't already know.

As the recipient of this year's Legacy Award, I am honored yet humbled because of the number and the quality of the folks who have become my mentors and my friends over the past 35 years. Yes, it's been that long since I started my apprenticeship in Fort Worth, TX. I am thankful, and although it is early November and this article will not be published prior to Thanksgiving. the sentiment of the season carries through Christmas. It is the perfect opportunity for me to say, "Thank you, IEC," and to take this opportunity to remind you to appreciate all those who have given so much so that you have the opportunity to achieve whatever level of success you are willing to work for. 

PastPres_Insights.jpgNo matter your job description/position, size or type of company where you work, you have an opportunity to make a difference where you are. So I encourage you to do just that; make a difference where you are. Take care of the little things, the details that many overlook and see as too unimportant to mess with. Take care of the details and it's almost magical how the big problems dwindle. Accept that life is not served to you on a silver platter, embrace the daily challenges as well as the victories knowing that you have a support group with IEC. When you are faced with a challenge that seemingly outnumbers you 10 to 1, make the choice to stand firm and never give up.

When you have an opportunity to help those in need, take it and share whatever talent of other means you possess. When someone steps in and offers encouragement and support, along  with others who helped you along the way, don't forget to thank them and let them know that they made a difference to you. 

I have heard "to be successful you will have many choices, and the choices you make will determine your direction." The choices that require a measure of sacrifice will surely return a greater benefit.

You will do better by making the tough choice early. Folks that take the easy road wind up disappointed, while those that take the trail less traveled get called "lucky." So when the going gets tough you can say, "I stood my ground as long as it took, and I didn't give up." I hope you know how important you are to our industry and our economy, not only locally but nationally.

And always remember that you will never have to say, "I have a degree in Liberal Arts; do you want fries with that?"

Bobby Tutor was IEC's 2012 National President. In January 1993, Bobby founded Tutor Electrical Service, Inc., where he currently serves as President/CEO. He is a graduate of the IEC Fort Worth/Tarrant County Chapter Apprentice Program.