Love of the Game

While watching any sporting event, it is easy to spot the players who have a true love of the game. They play with an unmatched passion, and although their competitive spirit is in high gear, they still have fun in their sport. These individuals see the sport for more than just a game but a true art.

Personally, I will always have a deep passion for basketball. It is the little things of the sport that others often overlook that attracts me to basketball. Where some people see a defensive rebound and a pass, I see a defensive rotation with a challenged shot, fundamental boxouts, a rebound, and then a proper outlet pass to the point guard to start a fastbreak. Teams who have a passion and do these little things are often the ones who are successful and hold up the championship trophy at the end of the year.

This love contributes to one’s willingness to work to perfect their craft. They are typically a step ahead of their competition due to their knowledge of the game and their willingness put in the extra hours to consistently get better.

Just like sports, it is easy to spot those who love their career. These are the ones who take pride in their work and do not mind using extra time to ensure a project reaches its full potential. More importantly, they truly enjoy waking up and going to work every day. I consider myself fortunate to have found a field in which I am passionate. Communications and public relations is more than a career; I consider it a major part of my life’s work.

I have encountered many people who are passionate about their craft during my four-plus years at IEC. I recall one example from last year’s 55th Annual IEC National Convention & Electric Expo in Fort Worth, Texas. At the closing Awards Gala, the Excellence in Electrical Construction Awards were presented. These awards are a source of pride for members and a way to recognize some of the extraordinary projects that IEC members complete.

In the residential category, Corrigan Electric won for their work on a home that was designed after an eighteenth century castle. After the Awards Gala, I spoke with Corrigan Electric’s Vice President/General Manager Troy Corrigan. His description of the intricacies of the project was so vivid that I could actually visualize the completed project. His eyes lit up as he spoke about the ground-breaking technology that was used in the home and the way they accomplished every goal that the homeowner had set forth. Even when they were presented with complex problems, they were able to find innovative solutions. His joy in speaking of the project was a clear indication that he loves his job.

Troy’s passion for his craft is similar to what you see in athletes. It is that love for the game, or profession, which separates individuals from the competition. Troy is one of many IEC members who love the profession of electrical contracting, and it consistently shows in their work.

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Joseph G. Cephas